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Our 100-year-old community garden, located in the heart of Chautauqua, was removed at the direction of staff of the Chautauqua Association.

The historic garden was removed in the spring of 2023 without the approval of Boulder’s Landmarks Board, CCA’s Board of Directors, or its Building and Grounds Committee. Alterations to our National Historic Landmark may not be made without an extensive process that includes community input, CCA Board approval and permission from the Landmarks Board. We have created this fund to rebuild the garden and hope that it will not only educate present and future generations about the natural world, but also serve to teach and remind us all of how much can be achieved through cooperation and collaboration.


This historic garden has been part of the cultural residency of Chautauqua for decades. There are early references to a dahlia garden on the site from 1917. In 1985, a full time resident asked if he could tend to the garden as it had been abandoned and become overgrown. In the following years he has built beds, installed water lines and managed a beautiful garden that provided flowers and vegetables. Every summer the bounty was shared with CCA staff, visitors and residents.


The Cottagers are starting a fund to rebuild and preserve the historic community garden, address important fire mitigation efforts and ensure funding for future preservation projects and educational programs. Please support our community’s effort to protect and preserve Chautauqua’s cultural legacy.

The power and potential of working together to rebuild and preserve this garden and to foster the continued health of Chautauqua can only be achieved through a change in leadership. That needed change is a stipulation of any pledge. Just as the garden will be given a fresh start, this will be a fresh start for a new and positive direction for the Chautauqua we all hold so dear.



Historic seed catalog and newspaper clipping courtesy Catherine Long Gates.

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