Here we cherish our own treasures: Here we find that special time.
To appreciate our blessings; Some are human, some divine.

— Alexine Crawford Howell, August 1991

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Chautauqua WEATHER

Fire Mitigation

It is no secret that our weather is becoming hotter and drier, and that the winds are more intense and long-lasting.  Boulder County was hit hard by wildfires in 2022, and it is critical that everyone does their part in fire mitigation efforts. The Cottagers are encouraged to participate actively in curtailing any fire risk, and to follow Boulder County guidelines.

Events & News

A primary focus of the Cottagers is to foster community and fellowship among the residents, lodgers, and visitors to the Colorado Chautauqua.  We have a number of traditional activities during the summer season, such as our 4th of July picnic, and tennis tournament.  Based on current circumstances and needs we may also organize activities such as fire mitigation workshops and volunteer work, contributing to a new Cottager cookbook, or outreach to the local community.

Get Involved

There are many opportunities to gather and meet your neighbors and friends.  The Arnold Sunday School will meet on three Sundays during the month of July 2023; join us for a non-denominational Christian service and fun gathering afterwards!  Or sign up to help with the important work of making our beautiful community safer from the constant threat of wildfires.  If you are an avid tennis player, hone your skills at our tennis tournament, or help organize our CCA Staff Appreciation Day!

In the Loop

A Lookback at 2023

Firewise Garden

Firewise Garden

CCA has filed an application for a Landmarks Alteration Certificate to build a new structure…

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Thank you!

Thank you!

A big thanks Jenny Elkins for her leadership of Arnold Sunday School for the last ten years.  We are so…

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