Fire Mitigation

Community Fire Mitigation Efforts

Both Boulder County and The Colorado Chautauqua Association (CCA) have launched several new initiatives in response to the increased wildfire activity in the past year. Single activities are no longer sufficient to address this issue however, we must change our habits and to some degree our lifestyles to become more aware of our impact on the world around us. The Cottager Board will be asking for volunteers to help with Cottager landscaping and cleanup; attendance at the Cottager fire information presentation and at the CCA Firewise Weekend is strongly encouraged for everyone!

Colorado State University has created guidelines for creating a defensible space around your home’s perimeter. Download this excellent guide and help us all stay safer!

Fire Mitigation Resources

Fire Mitigation Checklist

The Cottager Fire Safety Checklist is based on the City of Boulder’s revised Home Safety Survey Form. Please print a copy for yourself and go through it with family members and guests. Completing the form will be a good reminder of any issues you may still want to address!

Exit Maps

The CCA has agreed to the attached Chautauqua evacuation plan with respect to traffic flow. Please ensure that your family and guests know about this evacuation plan; during the recent NCAR Fire evacuation, cars were observed going against the flow of traffic. Any delay in evaluating could have serious consequences and hinder any emergency response!


Jason Ochs, our CCA Board Representative, has generously funded the production of magnets which show the current evacuation routes. Please keep these posted in your kitchen, and perhaps post other copies at each door. Magnets will be distributed to Cottagers as they arrive.

Latest Fire Mitigation Updates

Help Them Help You

Help Them Help You

The Boulder Fire Department has requested that all Chautauqua cottagers have reflective signage on the back of the cottages for easy identification of units in the event of an active fire.  CCA has ordered this signage at:  They recommend the smallest option with 4-inch lettering with a black background.  The CCA cottages will have these signs installed approximately 4 inches above and the rear door and centered.  Remember that Chautauqua is a smoke-free environment!  Please contact the front desk immediately if you see any guests smoking in or around the...

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