Colorado Chautauqua 125th Birthday Bash takes place on July 8th!  This will feature live music, tours, food trucks, games, historic exhibits, and public art.

The Cottager Community has been offered a wonderful opportunity to step-up and shine as an exhibitor at Chautauqua’s 125th Birthday Bash on July 8. Located at the Cafe between the Dining Hall and the General Store, the Cottagers, our very own local artists, will showcase any original artwork and crafts across generations that depicts Chautauqua or mountain scenes, or that was made here in Boulder. The CCC Board will be glad to collect any artwork you wish to share.

For anyone who wants to participate but will not be on grounds on July 8, please contact a CCC Board member who will make special arrangements to collect. Our exhibit will be manned the entire display time from 2:00 pm until 6:00 by a Board Member/Cottager. We encourage anyone who has items to be a special part of this exciting 125th celebration!